From the Ashes - Soaking Salts

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From the Ashes

There are moments when many of us have felt consumed as though by flame—by work, by illness, by relationships gone sour. The stressors of the world are many, and the opportunities to start again are few. I’ve occasionally wished that I could disappear and get a chance to do life over. For me, the image of the Phoenix erupting into flames and emerging from its ashes is a comfort in challenging times. ⠀

It was with this in mind that I started making these soaking salts. I wanted to acknowledge the symbolic rebirth that something as simple as a bath can bring. To envelop yourself in warmth and emerge renewed...that’s the closest I think I’ll ever come to being like the Phoenix. ⠀

These beautiful salts remind me of black coals burnt to ash, or of crumbling graveyard dirt strewn with lonely, forgotten flowers. They’re made with a sea salt blend and scented with rose absolute and frankincense essential oil, and truly smell and feel amazing. 


8oz matte glass jar
Approx. 4 uses
Handmade in small batches

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (Pacific Sea Salt, French Grey Sea Salt), Activated Charcoal, Rosa Damascena (Damask Rose) Absolute Oil, Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense) Essential Oil, Rose buds and petals

Directions: Pour 1/4 jar into warm bath and allow to dissolve.

Warning: Avoid mouth and eyes.