Lover's Eye - Scented Candle

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Lover's Eye

Fragrance: White tea, ginger, armoise, and clove.

A complex yet delicate scent. Top notes of citrus and peach give way to mid notes of white tea, ginger, and clove, finishing with a base of rich amber and armoise. Subtle and sensual, this is the lingering scent of a lover in your bed, a ghost, a fading memory.

Hand poured in small batches using all natural apricot coconut wax. This makes for a superior candle in a number of ways: apricot coconut wax is produced more sustainably, adheres better to its container, burns cleaner and longer, and has a greater scent throw. When burned correctly, this candle will last approximately 90 hours, far longer than a soy candle of the same size.


11oz matte black glass tumbler and lid
Burns for approx. 90 hours
Cotton wick
Phthalate free fragrance oils