The Old Nail Pendant

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Lately I've been reflecting on the ideas of comfort and escape, two things that (within the context of art, at least) are usually seen as guilty pleasures. At this moment in time, comforting and escapist media are an integral aspect of my self-care, and I've found myself hiding most often in the vast worlds and deep lore of video games.

This pendant is inspired by the weapon from Hollow Knight, one of my favorite indie games. I've enjoyed departing from my typical subject matter to explore this work, and I hope that you enjoy it, too. This piece is cast in recycled sterling silver on a blackened sterling silver chain. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production.

I streamed the full process of making this pendant live on Twitch. To see me make similar pieces, visit my Twitch channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays from roughly 2pm-6pm PT.