Unlovable Brooch - Brass & Bronze

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Reminiscent of Victorian-era sweetheart brooches, the Unlovable brooch is both an identifier and a token of self-love. I designed this piece with a character in mind: someone who, having witnessed loving couples exchanging gifts, would reflect on their own isolation and loneliness. They would long for a love token to call their own.  

After painstakingly carving this piece, I carefully sanded down its surface to mimic the wear of sand or waves. I imagined my character discovering it buried in the sand or tossed carelessly from the water, and lovingly attaching it to their chest. It is a beautiful and lonely moment to acknowledge your own separation from the world, but still offer yourself a gesture of love. That sentiment touches at the core of all my work. 

I wanted to establish a sense of gentleness and simplicity with this piece. This design has a more simple shape and carving style than the name brooches typical of this era, drawing from the styles typically seen in 'baby' or 'pet' brooches. 

This brooch measures 1.5" across and comes in bronze, white bronze, and brass. These brooches are offered as samples only, and may not be available in future.